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Total Solar Eclipse

I’m so tired and yet still cannot sleep after seeing the total solar eclipse. It was like having all my hopes and dreams and fears realized at once. It could be described as like life itself. Wonderful, amazing, truly awe inspiring, and all too brief. It is tinged with regret, but I’ll cherish it as long as I can remember it. My regret is how ephemeral the experience and memory will be.

It cannot adequately be described, as there is nothing like it. I have no frame of reference with which to convey the experience. I can describe aspects of it, but the whole is truly greater than the sum of its parts. Despite being something of an amateur astronomer, and having read numerous accounts of what takes place, I was still completely amazed by it.

There are probably a few more things I could say, but words could never do it justice, and perhaps some things are best left unsaid.

If anyone has any scientific (or other relevant) questions about the event, I’d be happy to answer them. It was an amazing experience, of the kind best shared, and doing so will hopefully help fix the event in my mind.

I will be posting some pictures, which don’t do it justice, as soon as I can.