Deep Space 9 WatchParty (Drake) – Season 2, Episode 3 – The Siege Part 3

September 21, 2021 - Deep Space 9, Reviews, Sci-fi, Star Trek, TV
Deep Space 9 WatchParty (Drake) – Season 2, Episode 3 – The Siege Part 3

Live watch / Plot
Recap. Sisko announces the evacuation of Kabul DS9. Intro! I’m skipping it this time because I just want to get into it.

Heh, Amazon has the title misspelled as “The Seige” in their listing. Oh, Keiko is in this episode. So, Quark is scheming to sell his and Rom’s seats on the evacuation ship, and strangely, Quark says that he wouldn’t sell his brother’s life unless for a lot of money. This somewhat contradicts his statement from The Nagus episode, but I suppose one could chalk it up to greed.

Jake and Nog have a goodbye conversation as they discover they are each going their separate ways. O’Brien and Keiko have a teary and slightly argumentative farewell. Sisko and crew make plans to get the evidence to the Chamber of Ministers that Cardassians are supplying the arms to the Circle.

Heh, Quark was overbooking the flights. Who would actually think that Quark had seats to sell, is he still a deputy? Haha, Rom sold Quark’s seat, good for him!

A slightly humorous scene with Kira and Dax firing up an old transport ship on an abandoned moon base.

I like seeing Jaro and Winn together. They really creeped me out back in the day. This scheming feels more like what we should have gotten in the Star Wars prequels, and I was in the middle of the Thrawn trilogy at the time.

Heh, O’Brien loving the rations, I kinda remember that.
Sneaking around the station and capturing Bajorans.
Kira and Dax trying to get to Bajor.

P l o t  m o v e m e n t.

Would be nice.

Some shooting on the station. Heh, Odo makes himself into a tripwire. I remember that. Dax and Kira crash land. Interesting exchange between Sisko and the Bajorans. Dax and Kira get rescued by monks at the monastery. A nice call back to Kira’s encounter with the 3rd Orb.

Rule of Acquisition #31: Never make fun of a Ferengi’s mother.

Sisko seems to have retaken the station.
Kira presents the evidence.
The General give the station back to Sisko, but the Colonel tries to shoot Sisko who is saved by Li Nalis who dies in the act of saving him.

Final Grade: C
This episode was okay. I was giving it more than I should with a B, so have re-evaluated it to a C after watching episode 4. The first 3 episodes were mediocre at best. These 3 are middling Cs at best, but possibly could have been solid Bs if combined into two episodes instead of 3. There were some interesting things touched upon in these episodes, but not enough for me to really delve into. I have to say that it really has cemented my feeling of Bajor being most like Afghanistan. I recall that when I first watched this, the coup brought back memories of the fall of the Soviet Union.

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