Deep Space 9 WatchParty (Drake) – Season 2, Episode 5 – Cardassians

September 28, 2021 - Deep Space 9, Reviews, Sci-fi, Star Trek, TV
Deep Space 9 WatchParty (Drake) – Season 2, Episode 5 – Cardassians

I think I remember this one. It has to be better than the previous 4, right? Right?
Live watch / Plot
Oh yay, Garek is back! This should be good! Whew (fingers crossed)! LOL, what the heck is that doofy hat!?

Those are some weird hats behind Bashir there. I like it for it’s weirdness, though.

What? A Cardassian youth? Garek walks over to him and gets his hand bit for his troubles. I do remember that. Intro.

Oh, Keiko is in this one, and Gul Dukat.

So, the Cardassian boy is a war orphan adopted by Bajorans. Yeah, this is already way better than the first 4 episodes. The Bajoran adoptive father states that they see the boy as a Bajoran, but the other alien who was present says they were abusive to the boy. There’s more going on than they realize. Interesting. The writing is so much better with this episode.

Heh, Cardassian boy is laying Tetris or something. Theses days we’d see it as texting or something on his phone.

Yeah, this is good, and I’m having trouble adjusting to the review work. A very good dinner scene between Keiko, O’Brien and the Cardassian boy transpires here. Later, he and O’Brien have a heart to heart talk of sorts, and wow, do this boy’s experiences remind me of how whites are treated today.

Garek wakes Bashir up in the middle of the night to go to Bajor. They find the orphanage and fix the computer to download all the records. Curiously, they find sever other Cardassian children there too, one looks like Wednesday Addams from the 1991 movie.

They find that the boy, Rugal, is related to a high-ranking Cardassian politician. The politician comes to see his son, and through a conversation with O’Brien, we find that O’Brien’s daughter Molly is 4, which does match her current apparent age, so hopefully no more miracle-gro baby. OK, that wasn’t that important of a part of the conversation, but it was to me due to the miracle-gro incident.

This is good, causing me difficulty in taking notes, as I want to keep watching it. So the boy doesn’t want to go home with his natural father, and they have Sisko arbitrate over the custody battle. Garek and Bashir scour the files to find whatever it is they are looking for, when they realize that the information has been wiped. They found the woman who was at the orphanage when Rugal was brought in.

I’m not following where the line of questioning is going, and I should be putting the pieces together by now, but I love this smile of Garek’s as he watches Gul Dukat being cross-examined by Bashir.

So, I guess the story is that Gul Dukat intentionally had the child taken to the relocation canter even though it was known that he wasn’t an orphan. He didn’t get along with the politician whose son it was.

In the end, they decide to return the boy to his father, which is the right decision.

Final Grade: B
This episode was a breath of fresh air after the last 4 kinda stinky ones. It was pretty good. I don’t have much more to say about it, so that’s it for this one.

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