I finally got a Wii on Sunday. It was the fist time I’ve even *seen* one in the store (not counting the demo unit) since they came out, so I had to buy one. I will have to wait a while before I can buy any games for it though, so it’s just Wii Sports and Gamecube games for now. I’ve been busy messing with it and doing other things like watching TV instead of posting about it.

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  1. djudd says:

    Did you download Opera? I find the Wii is just as useful as a quick web check tool :)

    oh yeah, make sure you play zelda and resident evil 4.

  2. dtungsten says:

    I didn’t get Opera yet as the wife didn’t want me spending money on Wii Points yet. Although she did let me get Tomb Raider anniversary. Zelda is definitely on the list. I already beat the Gamecube version. Resident Evil was also one that I intend to check out. I got Wii Play as well.

  3. djudd says:

    dude….everybody got Wii Play :)

    I beat the gamecube version of RE4 as well, it was totally worth replaying again (I bought my copy used at gamestop for $24). The new aiming mechanic takes a while to get used to, but once you do it’s awesome. Plus theres the new Ada missions that were put in place when they ported to the PS2.

  4. dtungsten says:

    “dudeā€¦.everybody got Wii Play :)

    ‘Tis true.

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