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DS9 Review Break

Phil and I are getting a little bit burnt out on doing the reviews and will be taking a break this week (last week of April 2021). We’ll be back next week with the next 2 new episodes. I plan on using the time to work on some site stuff in the background. There should not be any noticeable changes, though. I’ll post when there is anything to report.

WordPress Update

So… I’ve updated WordPress again. I have to get used to the widget thingys and the totally re-done Dashboard. *sigh* I like the new customizability of the Dashboard, but it doesn’t seem customizable enough yet. Oh yeah, and the site here looks a bit different due to the new setup. Hopefully I will get used to it and it will work better. For now, it’s just annoying and cumbersome. Oh well, the sidebar widget manipulation seems to be much better than the old way of doing things. I’m just not used to the power.

New Stuff!

Hey, I added my Pandora® stations to the sidebar so you can look at them. Ooh, clicky!

I don’t really want this site to be about music discussion, because musical taste is very subjective and personal. I wanted to highlight unique or interesting (to me) music, and perhaps game/movie soundtracks as well. But, hey! It’s something else for you to do!

So there’s the music, don’t discuss it here too much. I hope you enjoy it. I plan on adding descriptions for each station on my Pandora┬« page. You may discuss it there!

The best thing is that I am now starting to pile up some things to write about, so hopefully my New Year’s Resolution will be fulfilled.

UPDATE: Stations descriptions added.