Deep Space 9 WatchParty (Drake) – Season 2, Episode 4 – Invasive Procedures

September 24, 2021 - Deep Space 9, Reviews, Sci-fi, Star Trek, TV
Deep Space 9 WatchParty (Drake) – Season 2, Episode 4 – Invasive Procedures

Live watch / Plot
The station has been evacuated due to a violent plasma disruption. They are maintaining it with a skeleton crew. Oh good, Dax has the Orinoco ready to “sail away” just in case they need to evacuate the skeleton crew. XD

Odo and O’Brien find Quark in an airlock doing something he presumably shouldn’t. He’s attached a device to the bulkhead. Intro.

A ship reports that it is caught in the storm, and the crew wants to come aboard, but when they do, it’s a couple of Klingons, a trill and another alien who attack. They force Odo into a container. They go to the med bay and force Bashir to put the container into a stasis chamber. they make there was to the command center and force everyone into the center of the room. Oh, some nice cello or bass notes there. Quark is rounded up as well, and we find that he’s come to steal Jadzea’s symbiont, Dax. I do kinda remember this one from back in the day.

So they transfer Dax into Verod. Sisko tries to work on Verod Dax to get him to return Dax to Jadzea. Quark and the Doctor overpower one of the Klingons and release Odo. Sisko works on Verod’s “girlfriend”. Odo and Kira overpower the other Klingon, and Verod and Sisko have a showdown, resulting in Verod being stunned and Dax is returned to Jadzea.

Final Grade: C
This episode was also just OK. I was rating these too highly, I think I was subconsciously going with an A, B, C scale instead of A though F scale. I’d basically rate them all at 3/5 which should be a C. Oh, I almost forgot to mention that Bashir grows a spine in this episode, so that’s a good thing.

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