Wacky Music Genre Crossovers

Here’s a list of some wacky music genre crossovers, with more details to come.

Beatallica A band that does Beatles songs in Metallica style.
Hayseed Dixie = Bluegrass style AC/DC
El Vez = “The Mexican Elvis”
Dread Zeppelin = 1 part led Zeppelin, 1 part Reggae, 1 part Elvis
Senior Coconuts = Latin style covers of Kraftwerk.
Mike Rayburn‘s “Devil Went Down to Georgia” Done on acoustic guitar. Very well done, in fact. He also did some heavy metal (and made it sound good) on acoustic guitar.

That’s it for now.

Richard Cheese Hard Rock and Heavy Metal done lounge style!
Like Pat Boone only intentionally funny.
Then there’s Coctails in the Cantina and Sketches on Star Wars and let’s not forget Meco

More Later (maybe).

UPDATE 2007-11-03
Paul Anka has been doing some very interesting remakes lately.
Not-so-bright side of the Moon is pretty cool, too.

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